Proprietary Data/GPS Systems

  AVL & Dispatch Software


  • FleetSync AVL Data GPS derivative
  • 250 Vehicle Tracking Capacity per screen. 1000 maximum
  • Microsoft MapPoint 2006/2009 Mapping
  • Avoid constant Internet failures, Uses radio backbone system.


  • View Vehicle Location on GPS Map
  • Watch status of Taxi meter - On/Clear
  • Send order via text message to cab radio
  • 30 Status Icons & Emergency Icon
  • Screen View and Navigation Functions
  • Quick Access & Shortcut Keys
  • Vehicle Station tree View List
  • Vehicle Icon Tags (name,unit,status,speed,time)
  • Activity History Grid with Color Coded Call Indications
  • Emergency Screen Alerts
  • All or Selected Vehicles can be viewed or Tracked


  • Call Activity Window
  • Call Types: Individual, Fleet
  • 70 Custom Status Messages (25 alphanumeric)
  • Emergency
  • Stun / Remote Turn Off
  • Free Form 48 Character Text Messaging
  • 20 Pre defined 49- Character Text Massages


  • 7180- Series Base Station
  • TK-7180 Mobiles/NX700
  • LTR operation


            Compatible with TK-7180 radio.


  • Available Now
  • Call for Demo
  • Available for Nexedge and TK-7180 radios.


Trailer Tracker


  • Automatic tracking when ignition is on or trailer is moving
  • Automatic continuous tracking (30 minute interval) in "Unauthorized Movement" mode
  • Unauthorized movement notification (>3 miles of movement)
  • Automated Geo-Fence (No web site required)
  • Built-in GPS / Cellular antennas
  • Waterproof design
  • Internal back-up battery
  • Maintenance notification (Every 3000 miles)
  • Low battery notification
  • Low back-up battery notification
  • Trailer disconnect alert
  • Trailer reconnect alert
  • Power save mode (Sleep Mode)
  • Automatic locate message upon entering sleep mode
  • Daily heartbeat message
  • Demensions: 5"(L) x 3.5"(W) x 1.5"(H)
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
*Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer warranty.

MSRP: $499.00       Sale   $399.00  Plus install

Protect your trailers or heavy equipment, tractors or bobcats with the TN-410 TrailerTrak™ GPS tracking system. With the TrailerTrak™ users are able to accurately track their vehicles anytime anywhere with hybrid views, street views, satellite views, terrain views or with powerful zooming features.

With a splash-proof and dust-proof outer casing , the TN-410 is perfect for construction equipment or trailers. The TrailerTrak™ also has a starter disable feature and will monitor the engine hours and usage of any trackter or other equipment that it is installed on.

The TN-410 Has a built-in back-up battery with a "low battery" notification which will alert the user when the unit's back-up battery drops down to 11.0V or 21.0V and will also send out Disconnect and Reconnect notifications which will alert the user when the unit has been disconnected from the trailer's battery power and is now running on back-up battery supply and also when the system has been reconnected to the trailer's power supply. The internal battery of the TrailerTrak™ unit will generate power for up to 4 hours of continuous movement or 4 days if the unit in not moving.

Demo:    1632445
password: ac17277

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