Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is digital radio? When will it be available?

A: Kenwood has developed a full line of Digital radios that was introduced in Jan, 08. Just like Television all 2-way radio must go narrowband by 2012 and digital at some later date. Digital 2-way radio has many advantages over other digital systems like Nextel. It's monthly cost is much less while offering many of the same functions and other functions that Nextel can not offer. See Nexedge page for more info.

Q: What is the difference between a gain antenna and a quarter wave antenna?
A: A 3 db gain antenna is the equivalent of doubling a radios output power. Example: a 25 watt radio with a 3db gain antenna mounted on the top of a vehicle will have roughly the same performance as a 50 watt radio with a quarter wave antenna.

Q: Can a taxi meter be moved from one car to another?
A: No, taximeters are calibrated to each vehicle that they are installed in. Example: a taximeter in a Crown Vic is calibrated to approx 8,000 clicks per mile. Yet a Caravan is calibrated to approx 3,000 clicks per mile. If a meter is moved from one type vehicle to another it may run twice as fast as it should or half the rate it should. Either way it will not work properly. It must be recalibrated every time the meter is moved from one vehicle to another.

Q: When can you wash a car after lettering?
A: We recommend waiting at least 2 days after a vehicle is lettered before you wash the vehicle.
3-4 days during winter months.

Q: After painting a vehicle how soon can it be lettered?
A: We recommend waiting at least 2 days after a vehicle is painted before it is lettered. Doing so too soon will prevent the lettering from adhering properly.



Key Points About FCC Narrowbanding Requirements

Most current older radio systems use 25 kHz-wide channels.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated that all non-Federal public safety licensees using 25 kHz radio systems migrate to narrowband 12.5 kHz channels beginning Jan 1st 2011.

Agencies that do not meet the deadline face the loss of their license.
Agencies need to start planning now to migrate to narrowband systems by assessing their current radio equipment and applying for new or modified licenses.

The graph below depicts the actual difference in
spectrum used by each of the 3 bandwidth methods.

Wide Band is     25Kz- Invalid in 10 months!
Narrow Band is  12.5Kz
Digital Band is    6.25Kz

All Ventronics systems are Narrow band 12.5 Kz
and new Nexedge is 6.25Kz compliant.